Inexpensive Ways to Attract New Tenants

balloons-1194000Finding new tenants is a constant challenge for any property manager – no one knows that better than our team at Cal Bay Property Management. And when your marketing budget is dwindling with no real leads, it is easy to start panicking. Have no fear – try one of these quick and easy ways to attract the very best new tenants.
Increase your followers. One of the best way to generate quality leads is to reach out to your existing tenants for referrals. There’s no easier way to do this than through social media! If you’re not on Facebook, you should be! If you’ve got a social media presence, be sure to keep it to date. You should be posting at least weekly!
Host an open house. Even with an appointment, many potential new tenants are no-shows. An open house can be a more efficient way to show off your property, since visitors can come and go as they please. Offer snacks, informational brochures and applications to go.
Give away. Whether you’re entering new applicants into a raffle to win a new iPad or printing your logo and phone number on pens, being generous can pay dividends. It doesn’t take a lot of investment to see real results. Try partnering with another local business to share leads.
– Scott Safadi

Rethinking Apartment Pet Policies

rethinkingpetsWhether you’re a pet lover or not, there’s undeniable appeal in having a furry roommate. A sleepy cat to warm your lap or friendly pup to get you outside and active can dramatically increase a person’s quality of life.
For a lot of property managers, though, pets spell disaster. Loud dogs can cause tension between residents. Cats can tear up carpet. Lazy pet owners can be bad about picking up after their dog while out on walks. And, of course, there’s the matter of animals simply being unpredictable – dog attacks send hundreds of people to the hospital each year.
But pets don’t have to result in lawsuits or property damage. In fact, allowing pets in your rentals can do more good than harm – most potential tenants won’t even consider your property if they can’t bring Fido along. We at Cal Bay Property Management recommend outlining clear expectations – and consequences – regarding pet misbehavior and damages. With the lines firmly drawn, you can set up a positive relationship with the pet owner from the start.
Find a way to negotiate – and compromise – with pet owners, and you might just find yourself a loyal new resident.
– Scott Safadi