Plan a Holiday Party Your Residents Will Love

Building community is an important part of working as a property manager or landlord. It’s also an important step that’s often forgotten or dismissed as unnecessary. While it’s true that throwing the odd party here or there isn’t likely to convince unhappy tenants to sign their lease for another year, it’s possible that the parties you host could help residents form lifelong friendships and build a true sense of community.
Rather than planning parties for every holiday this season, Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends one general holiday-themed event sometime between Thanksgiving and New Years. While you can decorate with Christmas trees and menorahs, keep the rest of the decor as secular as possible. There are a lot of religious holidays this time of year, and it would be impossible to represent them all. Stick with winter-themed decor like snowflakes, snowmen and gingerbread cookies instead.
When planning, choose a location for the party that is family-friendly. No need to rent out a nightclub when your community clubhouse will do just fine! Plan games that are fun for all ages, and be sure to buy exciting prizes for the winners. Pin the antlers on Rudolph becomes so much more competitive when there’s an Amazon gift card on the line.
If you have concerns about the party being fun for residents, consider bringing on a few tenants to the party planning committee. Not only will their insight be incredibly valuable, you’ll also practically guarantee attendance from them and their friends.
Whether or not you serve alcohol at this party is up to you. It depends largely on your budget, how family-friendly you intend to make the event and whether you think your tenants will respond positively to booze being present. A few beers and glasses of wine won’t hurt, but resist the urge to serve boozy liquor-based cocktails.
There is no exact formula to follow for a successful holiday party, but working as a team to determine what would appeal to the majority of your tenants is a good place to start. Delicious food, yummy drinks and fun games are sure to attract people of all ages. Building community is what this is all about, so don’t fret about how many people come to your first party. As word spreads about how much fun folks have at your events, their popularity is sure to grow!
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management