Affordable Bathroom Upgrades for Your Rental

When it comes to bathrooms, luxury rules. Even in low-end apartment rentals, tenants have become accustomed to multiple sinks, deep bathtubs and shiny fixtures. The good news? Even if your rental doesn’t include a fancy bathroom, it’s easy and affordable to spruce up the room. Cal Bay Property Management’s Scott Safadi says that inexpensive bathroom updates are the key to increasing your property value and appealing to new tenants.
Don’t want to take on a big project right now? Painting the bathroom a new shade can bring an older bathroom into the 21st century. Neutral colors are always a good idea, or try a soft pastel that will appeal to virtually any renter. A little paint can go a long way!
Replacing light fixtures is also a great way to modernize an outdated bathroom. Watch for a sale at your local home improvement store. Many times, you can get sleek and shiny fixtures on sale for under $20. The replacement process is easy, too. There’s no faster or affordable way to bring up to date!
Upgrades to the shower itself can be a big draw to prospective tenants. Rainfall shower heads are more popular than ever right now, but opt instead for a dual-head shower head that’s hand held. It’s as functional as it is fun to use. Even a basic bathroom can feel like a spa with one of these shower heads.
Green upgrades to the bathroom can make you and your tenants feel better about the resources you use. Low-flow toilets and shower heads are both good options for inexpensive and relatively easy upgrades that help make the world a little greener.
Even replacing hardware around the bathroom can spruce up the room. Swap out old towel racks and drawer pulls with something sleeker and shinier. You’ll be amazed how these tiny changes can update a rental’s character.
No matter how you choose to update your rental’s bathroom, doing so is sure to increase the value of your property and draw in some new prospective tenants. Just be sure not to bite off more than you can chew. From a financial perspective, these investments can be minor and gradual. If you’re not the handiest of landlords, make sure you have help from the maintenance staff before installing anything you’re not confident about.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management