Phone Etiquette Tips for Property Managers

Phone calls should be second nature for professionals, but in this era of texting, instant messaging and social media, we rely upon the phone for communication less and less. It’s easy to get out of practice when it comes to easily and effectively communicating over the telephone. It’s a skill that should not be neglected, says Cal Bay Property Management’s Scott Safadi. When a prospective tenant calls, property managers and landlords need to be ready.
When your to do list is a mile long and you’ve got people coming in and out of your office constantly, it’s hard not to sound rushed, stressed or distracted on the phone. Using these tips, property managers can slow down and ensure they are presenting their best selves on the phone. Tips include:
Use names
Getting someones name and then using it is a great way to ensure you’re giving stellar customer service and paying attention. Using people’s names lends a personal touch to the conversation and allows you to showcase your memory for details. Though it may seem like a minor thing, people respond to the use of their names!
Stop. Breathe. Listen.
When you’ve got a thousand things on your to do list, it’s tempting to multitask the day away. Prospective tenants don’t care about your list of things to do, though. They care about receiving great service and the answers they are looking for. If your phone is ringing, stop whatever else you’re doing and focus solely on the person on the other end of the line. You’ll answer questions more efficiently and be onto your next task in no time.
Save time for the prospective tenant and yourself by prequalifying over the phone. Ask quick, easy questions about when they’d like to move in, how much they are looking to pay and where they work. From these answers, you’ll likely have a good idea whether or not to spend the time showing an apartment or home to the prospective tenant. If it’s not a good fit, you’ll know right away.
Sell, sell, sell
Just because you’re on the phone doesn’t mean you don’t have to be a great salesperson. Talk up your rental’s amenities and make it hard for the prospective tenant to turn down a tour. Of course, it’s never a good idea to be too pushy. Take it easy and be friendly!
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management