Designing Your Bark Park

Pet lovers will flock to communities that offer their dogs great amenities, and a dog park is quickly becoming a must-have feature for successful properties. The good news? If you’ve got a spare area of grass to devote to dogs, you’re halfway to a new, highly-sought after amenity! Here are some things to consider:
Location is key
You’ll want to position your bark park in a central location, where all residents can easily access it. The nice thing about dog parks is that they don’t need to be on a perfectly flat piece of the property, so if you’ve got a hilly spot you’re not doing much with, consider placing the park there!
Fencing design
Dog park fences should be at least five feet tall in order to keep pups safe and contained within the area. The gate design is critical, too – consider adding a double gate system allowing pets and their owners to separate themselves to get leashed up again before departing the park.
Public areas of your community need rules. Reminders to pet owners to clean up after their pet, pay close attention while they visit the park and to keep aggressive dogs away from others are all good reminders. One rule you should always include? Warnings that owners – and not the property – are responsible for keeping their dogs safe.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management