Spring Cleaning Your Property

It’s officially spring, and while the warm temperatures might have you thinking about a vacation, it’s best to tackle spring cleaning before relaxing! Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management knows how important it is to be proactive about maintenance. Here’s a to do list of chores you should consider undertaking to prep your property for the season:
– Check out your roof and gutters. Hauling out the ladder around the property might be a chore, but staying abreast of the condition of your roof and gutters pays in the long run. While you’re there, clean out any old leaves and debris that might have collected. Spring often means lots of rain, so you’ll want to be prepared for the gutters to flow clear!
– Get landscaping. Now is the time to plant new flower beds, pick up old branches and sticks that have fallen over the long winter, and rake up any last dead leaves on the ground. Be sure to trim any trees or bushes that appear grown over, too.
– Inspect your parking lots. Check for potholes and faded paint. Once you know what needs tackled, create a to do list to pass along to any contractors you might hire.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management