Phone Etiquette Tips

In the age of Twitter and Facebook, the art of the phone call is underrated. After all, most of us communicate via text these days, be it via SMS or social media. And while phone calls to grandma over the holidays might be traditional, if that’s the only one you make all year, you’re bound to get rusty! Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends brushing up on your phone skills, even if you’re not likely to use them very often. Keep these phone etiquette tips in mind the next time you find yourself answering the office phone:
Give Your Full Attention
Phone calls shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, especially if you’re handling a prospective applicant. Keep things short, but give the person your full attention throughout the duration of the call. Even the best multitaskers can appear rude when their replies sound distracted or when sounds of a keyboard leak through the call.
Prequalify When Possible
There’s no use wasting your time or the prospective tenant’s time – try to prequalify over the phone when possible. If you know your non-negotiables, be upfront about them. Ask about pets if you have breed or weigh restrictions, and be sure your timelines match up – no one wants to wait months for the next available unit.
Get Their Name
Apartment hunters are likely calling an entire list of potential properties looking for a place to live. Asking for their name, using it throughout the conversation and remembering them in person when they come in can give you an edge. It shows you care – and that they’re not just a number to you and your office.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management