Marketing to Baby Boomers

for-rent-sign-2-1147396Baby Boomers are saying goodbye to the stress of home ownership and hello to the freedom that comes with renting. If you’re not already marketing to Baby Boomers, you should be! Here are three simple ways to entice older residents to move into your community:
1. Emphasize safety. Unlike younger tenants, Baby Boomers typically have a little wiggle room in their budget. They can afford – and will appreciate – a community that features an on-site security team. Good lighting, surveillance cameras and quality fencing can go far to convince a Boomer to move in.
2. Get social. Baby Boomers love to entertain, so if your units lack space for having company over, consider investing in recreational areas your whole community can enjoy. Tennis courts, horseshoe pits and volleyball nets can ensure your residents always have somewhere fun to hang out – regardless of age.
3. Promote your larger units. Chances are good, apartment hunting Baby Boomers are downgrading from a large home to a smaller apartment. They’ll be sad to see the extra storage space go, even if they don’t need to fill three bedrooms every night. Shine a spotlight on your larger apartments to give Boomers the options they crave.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management