Is Your Property Too Dated to Rent?

houses-1569052It’s not easy keeping up with the trends. Whether your property was built in the 50s or the 90s, you’ll run into this challenge at some point – all property managers do! The reality is that trends come and go with the season, so it can be incredibly tough to appeal to tenants who want to see the latest and greatest home trends in your community.
Whether you’re showing off a model apartment or the actual unit you’re trying to fill, try these simple tips to bring your space into the 21st century!
Let there be light. Overheard lighting can be harsh. Freshen up the space with floor and table lamps. Opening window blinds can be revolutionary in of itself!
Beige is boring. Embrace color and consider painting your units anything but off white or beige. It’s an affordable project that really makes your community stand out above the competition!
Make your kitchen vintage-chic. Installing new cabinets might not be in the budget this year, but hardware is cheap. Invest in classic brass knobs to provide a little details tenants will love.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management