How Going Green Could Increase Your Rental Income

environmental-1247375Are you factoring your community’s carbon footprint into your decision making process each day? Chances are good, you probably aren’t. But experts say going green could be beneficial for both you and the planet! Indeed, with the right investments in green upgrades for your property, you could see an increase in your rental income. Some of the best ROI on green upgrades include:
Programmable thermostats
With an average added cost of $115, installing these thermostats in every apartment could get pricey. The payoff, though, is more than worth it! In just one year, you’re looking at $180 in savings – a 156% return on investment!
Heating system tune-up
When was the last time your heating system was looked at? Even if it is still running fine, a tune-up is necessary every few years. Though it’ll likely cost you around $200, it will potentially save you $180 in a year’s time. You can’t complain about a 90% ROI!
Seal duct leaks
This upgrade isn’t sexy, but it’s sure worth the investment! On average, sealing duct leaks will cost you around $450 out of pocket. The annual savings? About $300!
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management