Attracting families to your property

Happy familySome property managers balk at the idea of renting to families. Though it is illegal to discriminate against tenants with kids, it’s not unheard of for landlords to find convenient ways to deny applicants. They picture stained carpets, noise complaints from neighbors and increased liability risks at the community pool or dog park.

 But renting to families doesn’t have to be painful. Indeed, families can be some of the best long-term tenants. Folks with kids are often farther along in their careers than other tenants, making them more secure and responsible with their money. Plus, families like to stay put – it makes no sense to move kids from school to school each year.
So what can you do to attract families to your property? Take a look at your community through a parent’s eyes. Highlight the quality of your area’s schools to prospective tenants. It’s also helpful to point out local parks, libraries and grocery stores. Jogging trails wide enough for strollers are also a bonus. Small investments like adding a swing set or jungle gym to the property can go a long way to convince families to move in.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management