Should You Pay for Good Reviews?


Last week, we wrote about the necessity of handling bad reviews in a polite, fiar manner. But this week, we’re digging into the slightly seedier side of the review world: paid reviews.
They’re more common than you think. Whether you’re reading up on a local pizza joint’s reputation or getting feedback about a new gadget from Amazon reviews, chances are good, at least some of the reviews you’re reading are fake.
It’s easier – and cheaper – than ever to buy great reviews of your property. There are even companies that specialize in just that. It doesn’t take more than a few Google searches to find writers willing to create unique Yelp reviews for your property. The question isn’t can you – but should you buy fake reviews?
We recommend you don’t. Here’s why: consumers are catching on to these trends. Websites like and use algorithms to analyze reviews and find the fakes. And once someone realizes you’re paying for good reviews, your reputation tanks faster than if you’d had a page full of mediocre reviews.
So when it comes to paying for good reviews, just don’t!