Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management Discusses Bed Bugs

Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management has witnessed a resurgence in bed bug infestation over the past several weeks. Decades after their apparent eradication, bed bugs have made a dramatic return to our world. There are two types of treatments for bed bugs. One involves extreme heat, while the other is a chemical treatment. Many people are afraid of being exposed to the chemicals associated with bed bug treatments. Pest control is a heavily regulated industry. The chemicals have to be safe enough for the technicians to handle on a daily basis. It is highly unlikely that isolated exposure from having your home or apartment treated would have any effects whatsoever on health. Heat treatments do not come without problems. The extreme heat can damage the contents of a home, including televisions, appliances, etc. There is no easy answer to beg bugs. However, the most important thing is proper preparation if your unit is going to be treated. Scott Safadi and Cal Bay Property Management hope that bed bugs crawl back into the hole from where they came and never come back this time.