Scott Safadi discussed education

Scott Safadi has noticed that the Ivy League and other pricey institutions have come under increased scrutiny as a poor investment. The argument is that the more costly institutions do not increase your odds of producing more wealth over the course of ones life. Instead, graduates are simply left with a higher debt load and an education that could be impractical in the professional world, considering the liberal arts focus of most Ivy League institutions.

Scott Safadi believes that this argument misses the point. College is not all about return on your investment. It is not a means to an end. Instead, College is valuable in and of itself. The end is one of personal growth, surrounded by the best and brightest. There is much to be said about being average amongst a sea of superstars, as opposed to being the smartest kid in every classroom. It is a humbling experience and one that promotes hard work.

Scott Safadi believes that if one demands that college be a means to an end, one should consider that you will be part of a large network of highly educated peers for the rest of your life. This can prove beneficially socially and in your career. Nevertheless, Scott Safadi believes that college should be seen as a special experience and one should attend the most challenging institution that will take them.