Scott Safadi Gives a Brief Explanation of Disc Golf

Scott SafadiScott Safadi first played disc golf many years ago, and he remains intrigued by the unique challenge of this growing game. Disc golf is an enjoyable physical activity that can be played by individuals of all athletic levels and ages. By inviting family members, friends and colleagues to join him on the course, he continues to develop relationships while enjoying some exercise in a competitive, but fun pursuit.

The object of disc golf is to toss a disc into a metal basket that is adorned with chains. Scott Safadi explains that these chains are constructed so that the players are able to land the disc in the basket. Disc golf rewards a certain amount of creative flair. There are four major throwing styles: forehand, backhand, Tomahawk, and roller. Scott Safadi notes that some players use very creative methods of tossing the disc. The most entertaining throw might be the Tomahawk, where the player uses an overhead motion to launch the disc towards the desired target. The discs, which are smaller and lighter than most traditional models, typically fall into one of three categories: driver, putter, and mid-range.

Scott Safadi recommends the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) as an excellent educational resource for prospective disc golf players. The PDGA maintains up-to-date records about course availability and current trends in the game. Disc golf tournaments are held throughout the United States each year, and championship-level players can earn prize money from major events.

According to Scott Safadi, one of the premier courses in the country is the De La Vaega disc golf course in Santa Cruz. The 27-hole course takes approximately three hours to play for experienced players. It is located in a forest and features a number of holes that offer views of Monterey Bay. Many other national courses are situated in picturesque locales.